Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weeks 7 - 8:

For week 7, we will finish up the EL Civics Assessment (oral report) on home safety and security.

We will not have class on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 26 and 27.

For these two weeks, we will continue to review comparative and superlative adjectives and practice reading comprehension.

What do you know about Thanksgiving?
Take this Quiz to test your knowledge

Learn more about Thanksgiving: What happened at the first Thanksgiving? Some historians think that “The First Thanksgiving” wasn’t really a thanksgiving. They call it “The 1621 Harvest Celebration” because it was more like a harvest festival. At the Plimoth Plantation Web site, students will discover clues about what really happened at the 1621 harvest celebration. Discover what might really have happened during the fall of 1621: Visit Web Site

Another Site to Visit (Learn about the Mayflower, the Daily Life of the Pilgrims, and the Thanksgiving Feast).

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Practice Comparative and Superlative Adjectives with the following Web sites:
Review Only (reading)
Comparatives and Superlatives (type correct form)
Comparatives and Superlatives (choose correct spelling)
Comparatives and Superlatives (typing)
Comparatives and Superlatives (spelling)Comparatives and Superlatives (choose correct form)

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