Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Final Week of Term 2, Fall 2008:

For this final week, we practiced modals of advice (should, ought to, had better). The textbook exercises and readings were about etiquette. Here is the online quiz we took on business etiquette.

Final Computer Assignment: Advice Comic Strip

  • Work with a partner or alone, if you prefer.
  • Use the situations below or create your own situation in which advice is given.
  • Write a dialog (a conversation between two people) of 4 – 8 lines. Use modals of advice (should, ought to, had better).

You will use the dialog to make a comic strip that we will post here on the class blog.
It is OK to use humor, drama, spice – anything that will make the dialog interesting!!

Possible situations:

  • A friend needs to improve his or her English to get a better job.
  • A friend has just moved to California and is homesick. He or she wants to make some friends.
  • A coworker is annoyed because he or she is the only one working on a project. The other coworkers are messing around and surfing the internet instead of doing their work.
  • A coworker needs more money to pay for hospital bills. He or she wants to ask the boss for a raise.
  • A friend has bought some shoes at a department store. He takes out his wallet to pay and leaves his wallet on the counter.
  • A friend is leaving her house. As she walks away, she leaves the door unlocked.
  • A friend is going to walk home alone late at night. She refuses to take a taxi.
  • A friend parks his car on the street. He leaves his digital camera on the front seat.
  • A friend is complaining that he needs money to buy his wife an anniversary gift. He does not know what to buy for her.
  • Or -- a situation of your own.

In the computer lab, use one of the following websites to dramatize your dialog. The instructor will demonstrate in class and give you the logins and passwords.





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