Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day to Remember

Gilberto De Jesus.
Level 5
Oct.30, 2008
A Day to Remember
A year ago had the experience of my life. My friend Ana called to invite me to see her jump from an airplane. I was really impressed because I new she was a crazy girl but no that much and I thought I want to see when she says “Oh I can not do it”, so I went to see the show. When we got to the place she told that one of her friends was going to jump with her. We were waiting for her more than an hour but the time was up. She was so angry and sad because she had paid for the tickets two months ago more than 400 dollars. She said I cannot do it myself, so let's get out of here. She broke my heart when I saw her face and I had to something. After a couple minutes I asked her “If you want I can jump with you” and she said right away yeah go, go, go. I never new how but when I opened my eyes I was 10,000 feet up there. A man behind me sad ready go and we were flying like eagles. When I was flying I felt that my body, my mind and my soul were free like never before. Now I know why God did not give us wings. I never ever thought to do something like these but it was incredible. Some things are not like they look like. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

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