Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Scary Experience

Dee Russell
My Scary Experience
My scary experience happened two years ago in the U.S .I was with my husband and I didn’t have a driver’s license because I couldn’t drive. But my best friend told me that was driving in the U.S was very difficult. I remember when I follow my husband to come here to Oceanside from Los Angeles. It was my first time to drive in the U.S, and it was on the freeway. He was driving very fast, about 90 miles per hour in a separate can in front of me .I was very .very scared. Sometime I couldn’t see his car, and I was afraid of getting lost. Then I thought I would crash and have an accident I felt so nervous. Finally we arrived in Oceanside. Now I like to drive travel, and go anywhere. I’m not afraid of driving on the freeway anymore.

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