Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Tragic Car Accident

Nancy Lopez
Level 5
Oct.30, 2008

My Tragic Car Accident
My tragic car accident was eight years ago. I, My brother, and my father’s family went to visit my cousin in Guadalajara, Jalisco, but before that we went to Mazatlan, which is a beautiful beach in the Sinaloa State. In Mazatlan we stayed one day, and the next day we continued with the trip. When we arrived at my cousin’s in Guadalajara, we had emotion because we had not seen each other for a long time. Everything was fine, but when we went back, we had an accident. In this accident I lost my grandmother and my aunt. This accident was terrible for me because I saw everything that happed. The truck turned over on the highway and I could move my body. When the truck stopped, I got outside to find my brother. I found him fine, but my aunt and my Grandmother died. I will never forget this date. It was July 15, 1999. This was the worst day of my life.

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