Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 3 Activities

Happy Halloween!
This week, students will post their paragraphs about a life experience here. Feel free to comment!

For grammar, we'll study past continuous. See the PowerPoint here:

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Grammar Practice Online:
Was Playing / Played: Flash quiz on past and past in progress (1)
Quiz yourself on past continuous and past. Click on the link and then click Unit Self Tests 9, 10.

Students will work on their scripts for the "Speaking with the Stars" project.
Here are the video clips to view, listen to, and practice with: Click here.

Plus, we are preparing for the EL Civics Assessments: Reporting an Accident / Crime. Here are some related links from last week:

Games / English practice:
In the coming weeks, we will be preparing for the EL Civics assessments on reporting crimes and accidents and safety/hazard and crime prevention in the home.

What do you know about reporting emergencies?
Click here and write your answers to each question (37 total)
And then click here to check your answers:
Answers for EL Civics Emergencies Quiz
Listening: Police Interrogation and 911 Call

Other Games:
Here is a game to test your memory skills (related to being a witness of a crime): What was there?

…and, for fun and English practice, here are online mystery, crime solving, detective, witness games:

How good are your detective skills? (witness game)
Inspector Wombat. Game
Madame Fate Game (good to practice vocabulary!)
Special Investigations Unit Game
Detective Grimoire Game
Found Lost Game
Prissy Has Gone Missing Game

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